Phantoms are machined in Denver, Colorado and assembled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Our backyard provides the perfect environment for developing and testing our bindings on big lines and in all conditions - from epic mid-winter pow to spring hardpack from the summit of 14,000-foot peaks. We hope you enjoy the images featured on the site, all shot in the San Juans, The Gore, and The Front Range by Phantom rider Zachary Wilson.

Get to know the team of experienced engineers and dedicated riders behind Phantom.

John Keffler

Founder/Owner & Chief Engineer

John is a full-time aerospace engineer and a part-time splitboard binding developer. With a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering and a specialization in heat transfer and fluid mechanics, John works for NASA's Orion Program engineering a spacecraft designed to explore deep space. The year that John started splitboarding, he broke nearly everything on his softboot bindings and quickly realized the equipment available was inefficient and antiquated. That summer, John set out to see if he could design a binding from the deck up. His creation was lighter, stronger, and more efficient than anything else available on the market, and it didn't take long for splitboard guides and snowboard mountaineers to take interest. Thus Phantom Splitboard Bindings was born in 2012. John started building the bindings in his garage in Colorado, and is slowly but surely upgrading and expanding as more and more riders clue into the obvious advantages of the SplitTech System.

Ryan Koupal

Creative Director & Sales Manager

Ryan's partnership with John is especially exciting as it brings together two pioneers of the splitboarding world. Ryan is the Founder/Director of 40 Tribes Backcountry Adventures, a company that specializes in guided ski and splitboard adventures in far-flung corners of the globe. He has been snowboarding since the early 1990s and splitboarding since 2003, when he moved to the foot of Wyoming's Teton Range. In 2006, Ryan embarked on his first international splitboarding expedition to Tibet and picked up a pair of AT boots and Voile Mountain Plate bindings knowing conditions would be rugged and above and beyond what his softboot setup could handle. Later that year he moved back to his home state of Colorado and met up with John, who was working on developing Phantom. Ryan was one of the "original 25" - those who bought Phantoms the very first season - and has never looked back. Ryan has helped with numerous builds over the years and he and 40 Tribes' splitboard guides have put the system to the test in some of the world's most distant ranges.


Barrows Worm de Geldern

Design Consultant

Barrows started snowboarding in California's San Gabriel Mountains in the mid 1980s. Since the early days, he has spent the majority of his snowboarding career in the backcountry - riding powder and seeking out new lines and steep descents, including significant first descents in the Colorado Rockies, Canadian Rockies, and Alaska's Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. Always frustrated with the inadequate nature of standard snowboard equipment, Barrows was an early adopter of modified AT boots and plate bindings for better performance in demanding snowboard mountaineering circumstances. Barrows' original design was the inspiration for the development of the Phantom system. Barrows has been riding exclusively on Phantoms since their inception, putting each new generation of bindings to the test and continually providing input into the design and further perfecting the splitboard interface.