Ryan Koupal - Colorado


Ryan Koupal

Ryan Koupal, a native of Colorado, has been skiing his whole life, snowboarding since the early 1990s and splitboarding since 2003. He cut his teeth splitboarding in the northwestern corner of Wyoming, home to a range that every diehard backcountry rider has at least heard of - the Tetons. Living in a cabin at the base of Teton Pass, Ryan rode his splitboard as much as possible and learned a lot from those mighty mountains. In 2006, after a few years of seasonal work guiding adventure travel programs in China and Tibet, Ryan dreamed up a personal trip with a few good friends that would change his life forever - a mission to explore the remote ranges of southwestern China. His splitboard was at the top of the packing list and he picked up his first pair of AT boots and Voile Mountain Plate bindings knowing conditions would be rugged and above and beyond what his softboot setup could handle. Later that year he moved back to his home state of Colorado and met John, who was working on developing Phantom.

Without hesitation he signed up for a pair and became one of the "original 25" - those who bought Phantoms the very first season. Fast forward to 2010 and the story of adventure splitboarding continues with two exploratory trips to Central Asia under his belt and creation of 40Tribes Backcountry Adventures. Now in its 10th year, 40 Tribes has expanded globally and Ryan and his splitboard guides have truly put the Phantom system to the test in some of the most distant locations imaginable. To top it all off, Ryan contributed to Phantom's growth and development as the man behind Creative Direction, Sales and Customer Service from 2016-2019, and is therefore one of the more intimately knowledgeable people out there when it comes to both the brand and products.

40 Tribes is Ryans destination guided touring business. If you want to take an amazing trip to a far off part of the world, this is the man to speak to. They go to some of the most remote and amazing locations on earth to ride amazing terrain with truly top caliber guides. Trip of a lifetime material without question. Check them out!