Replace or upgrade parts on your Alpha Bindings.


Bail Block (1)

Fully loaded with our Quick Flicks assembly (lever, spring, pin and jam nut). Includes screws for mounting to binding plate.

The medium and large blocks offer the self-righting heel bail feature if paired with the new heel bails available via this page. Note that the small blocks do not offer the self-righting feature.

Heel Bail (1)

Our new heel bails are self-righting if paired with the medium and large blocks available via this page (or any of the solid top blocks from our 2018/19 Size M-XL bindings). They are also compatible with the older blocks with cutouts, but will not self-right in those blocks.


Bail Block Sizes & Colors

  • Small: Compatible with Size S binding plates only. Available in Silver (nickel coated).

  • Medium: Compatible with Size M binding plates only. Available in Black.

  • Large: Compatible with Size L binding plates only. Available in Silver (nickel coated).


Bail Blocks

Fully loaded, including hardware:

68 g each (Size S)

74 g each (Size M)

74 g each (Size L)

Heel Bails

40 g each


Bail Blocks

Heel Bails


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