A starter kit for dialing in a softer ride.

Our Boot Mod Kit is designed specifically for use with Dynafit TLT6s and Speedfits, which are tried and true for use with the Phantom system.

The kit is designed to do two main things:

  1. Replace the stock pivot point rivet with removable hardware. This allows for the upper cuff to be removed and reattached for subsequent modifications.

  2. Relocate the lower buckle to the boot pivot point. This reduces pressure on the lower foot and holds the heel in the heel cup of the boot.

As the amount of desired flex depends greatly on the rider's height/weight and style of riding, our main goal with this kit is to provide the hardware needed to make the boots easy to modify. We have of course experimented with a number of additional mods, so we also want to provide the knowledge and inspiration to take it to the next level if you so desire.


Stainless Steel Axles (4)

Stainless Steel Bushings (4)

Delrin Bushings (4)

6-Lobe Stainless Steel Screws (4)

Coated Steel Butt Connectors (4)

Thick Delrin Washers (2)

Thin Delrin Washers (2)

Stainless Steel Washers (2)

Cables (To be cut to length) (2)

T15 Bit (1)



3/8” Drill Bit

1/2” Drill Bit

6mm (or 15/64” or 1/4") Drill Bit

Wire Cutting & Crimping Tool

Adjustable (aka Channel Lock) Pliers

Razor Blade/Knife

Removable Locktite


Not including T15 bit:

85 g

Boot Mod Kit
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