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New updated binding for 2019/20!

Bindings now fit a wider range of boot sizes and use larger 6mm screws and fewer screws for easier adjustments and common screws with other components. Also small features were added to aid in self-clearing for faster change overs while still being fully compatible with our patented board cleats.

Engineered from the deck up for a low foot height and direct power transfer. Five degrees canting helps realign boots to match snowboard stance, and our patented Quick Flicks locking levers and pins make for easy gloved changeovers. Bindings stow in pack for reduced touring swing weight.

Board cleats not included! Choose between our Adjustable Split/3-In-One Cleats or Fixed Angle Solo Cleats.

Tool Kit

All binding orders include a complete tool kit for mounting and making adjustments:

  • Bit Driver Handle (1)

  • 8mm Socket and Adapter (1)

  • T30 Bit (1)

  • Flat Head Bit (1)

  • Blue Loctite (1)

  • Ice Scraper (1)

Also available on its own here.



The best metric for determining your binding size is BSL (Boot Sole Length). This measurement, in millimeters, is stamped on the lower part of most boots. If not, see here or contact the manufacturer to confirm the correct BSL.

  • Small/Medium: Fits BSL 257-307mm.

  • Large/X-Large: Fits BSL 297-347mm.

If your BSL is between sizes, going with the smaller size will save some binding weight, however adjustability will be limited if you ever transition into a bigger boot. If adjustability is important, we recommend going with the bigger of the two.


Available in All Black.

*Bindings pictured are from pre-production and will feature a black cant. Photo shows as white.


Per set:

860 g (Size SM)

960 g (Size LXL)


New for 2019/20!

M6 Bindings

M6 Bindings
Size & Color:
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