Everything needed for ride mode.

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Board Cleats

Tool Kit


Bindings (2)

Engineered from the deck up for a low foot height and direct power transfer. Patented Quick Flicks locking levers and pins make for easy gloved changeovers. Bindings stow in pack for reduced touring swing weight.

Board Cleats (4)

Patented binding interface provides a solid board feel.

Tool Kit

Complete kit for mounting and making adjustments.

6-Lobe Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware



Sizes: The best metric for determining your binding size is BSL (Boot Sole Length). This measurement, in millimeters, is stamped on the lower part of most boots. If not, see here or contact the manufacturer to confirm the correct BSL.

  • Small: Fits BSL 257-287mm.
  • Medium: Fits BSL 277-307mm.
  • Large: Fits BSL 297-327mm.
  • X-Large: Fits BSL 307-337mm.

If your BSL is between sizes, going with the smaller size will save some binding weight, however adjustability will be limited if you ever transition into a bigger boot. If adjustability is important, we recommend going with the bigger of the two.

Board Cleats

Styles: All of our binding packages come with our adjustable Split Cleats, which are for use with factory-built splitboards only.

We have two other cleat options that can be ordered separately:

Mount our 3-In-One Cleats on your solid board for days at the resort.

Mount our minimalist, fixed angle Solo Cleats on your second lightweight split setup.

Adjustability: Our Split Cleats offer adjustable stance angles of +30 to -30 degrees and adjustable stance widths in 1/2" increments.


The binding plates and cleat plates are available only in Black for this second build.

The rest of the components - binding bail blocks, the cleats themselves, and heel risers - are all nickel coated (Silver).

NOTE that the images above are of last year's bindings. Updated images coming soon!



Per set:

850g / 1.87lb (size S)

900g / 1.98lb (size M)

1000g / 2.20lb (size L)

1060g/2.34lb (size XL)

Board Cleats

Per set including hardware:

296g / 0.65lb

Total Weight

1,141g / 2.51lb (size S)

1,191g / 2.62lb (size M)

1,291g / 2.84lb (size L)



Alpha RIDE


Bindings + Board Cleats + Tool Kit