2 styles depending on the board you're mounting to.

Split Cleats

For use with factory-built splitboards only.

3-In-One Cleats

For use with factory-built splitboards as well as DIY splitboards with a cut less than 1/8" wide and solid boards with a 4x4cm bolt pattern.


Board Cleats (4)

Patented binding interface provides a solid board feel.

6-Lobe Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware



We offer 2 styles of board cleats - Split and 3-In-One - to fit whatever board you will be mounting to. See above for additional details to help choose between styles.


Both styles offer adjustable stance angles of +30 to -30 degrees and adjustable stance widths in 1/2" increments.


Split Cleats: The cleats themselves are all nickel plated and available in Silver only. You choose the color of the cleat plates - available in Silver or Gray.

*NOTE that the image above does not accurately represent available color combinations. Updated images coming soon!

3-In-One Cleats: You choose between two color combinations - Silver plates with Gray cleats or Gray plates with Blue cleats.


Split Cleats

Per set including hardware:

291g / 0.64lb

3-In-One Cleats

Per set including hardware:

315g / 0.69lb


Please read through the Options before placing your order!

Orders ship within 1 week.

Board Cleats

150.00 185.00

We are offering our 2015/16 adjustable board cleats at a discounted price of $150. We do not have newer versions available at this time. For the newest in board cleats be sure to check out our fixed angle Solo Cleats, available by pre-order only through mid-October.

Style & Colors:
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