2 styles depending on the board you're mounting to.

Split Cleats

For use with factory-built splitboards only. All of our binding packages feature these adjustable cleats. Pick up an extra set to use your Phantom bindings on multiple boards in your quiver.

3-In-One Cleats

For use with solid boards with a 4x4cm bolt pattern, DIY splitboards with a cut less than 1/8" wide, and factory-built splitboards. Add these cleats to your order to make your solid board Phantom-compatible.


Board Cleats (4)

Patented binding interface provides a solid board feel.

6-Lobe Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware



We offer 2 styles of board cleats - Split and 3-In-One - to fit whatever board you will be mounting to. See above for additional details to help choose between styles.


Both styles offer adjustable stance angles of +30 to -30 degrees and adjustable stance widths in 1/2" increments.


2017/18 Cleats: You choose the color of the cleat plates - available in Black, Green or Blue. The cleats themselves are all nickel coated (Silver).

2015/16 Cleats: Choose from a variety of color combinations, depending on cleat style: Silver plates w/ Silver cleats, Silver/Gray or Gray/Blue.

NOTE that the images above are of previous years' colors. Updated images coming soon!


Split Cleats

Per set including hardware:

291g / 0.64lb

3-In-One Cleats

Per set including hardware:

315g / 0.69lb



Please read through the OPTIONS and the text below before placing your order.

Cleat orders will ship within ~1 week, UNLESS ordered together with a binding package or any other preorder product, in which case everything will ship together when ready. If you want any in stock parts or accessories sooner, you will need to order them separately.

Board Cleats

2017/18 Cleats
Style & Colors:
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2015/16 Cleats
135.00 185.00

Same cleats, old colors. Our 2015/16 adjustable board cleats are available at a discounted price of $135 while supplies last.

Style & Colors:
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