Our patented interface taken to a whole new level.

Fixed angle board cleats with titanium mounting hardware.

For use with factory-built splitboards only.


Board Cleats (4)

Our fixed angle Solo Cleats reduce the cleat part count by 35% and cut the weight in half while increasing overall strength and reliability. The updated interlocking system further reduces issues associated with icing. For use with factory-built splitboards only.

6-Lobe Titanium Mounting Hardware



Available in increments of 3 degrees (+30 to -30) to match your stance.


Adjustable stance widths in 1" increments.


The cleat plates and cleats themselves are all nickel coated (Silver). You choose the color of the titanium mounting hardware - available in Black, Gold, Silver, or Rainbow.


Per set including hardware:

148g / 0.33lb (average)



Please read through the OPTIONS and "To Order" instructions below before placing your order.

Orders ship within ~1 week, UNLESS ordered together with bindings! Bindings are anticipated to ship starting the end of November/early December. If you want any in stock parts or accessories sooner, you will need to order them separately from the bindings.

If you are seeing that a cleat angle is "out of stock," that means that we have already sold out of the first build. We will be releasing a second build in December and a third build in January. See here for more information and to request a spot on the wait list.

To Order:

Select front foot angle and add to cart. Repeat for back foot. If you ride the same angle front and back, select your angle and change the Quantity to 2.

Mounting hardware color preference will be collected upon adding to cart.
Solo Cleats

NOTE that the pricing above is per front foot/back foot pair.  The total price for a complete set of (4) fixed angle cleats including hardware is $185.

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