2017/18 Binding Packages


Everything needed for both ride and tour modes.

Bindings + Board Cleats + Toe Pieces + Heel Risers + Tool Kit

Alpha RIDE

Everything needed for ride mode.

Bindings + Board Cleats + Tool Kit

Parts & Accessories

Choose from our parts and accessories if you want to add Phantom hardware to other boards in your quiver.  Be sure to check out our Verts/Verts accessories as well for upping your snow climbing game.

Adjustable Board Cleats

2 Styles: Split and 3-In-1

Rocket Risers

Hercules Hooks

Solo Cleats

Fixed Angle Board Cleats

Tech Toes w/ Adapter Plates

Dynafit Boots & Liners

New and Used/Modded and Unmodded

Boot Mod Kit

For Dynafit TLT6s/Speedfits

Boot Parts

Upper and Lower Buckles and Buckle Catches, Lean Plates and Nylon Screws for Arc'teryx Proclines Mod

Verts w/ Cleats