Shipping Information


In addition to our shipping policy spelled out below, John and Alex want to explain Phantom's shipping policies, and the challenges that come along with shipping in the current business environment due to COVID-19. 

Returning customers may notice that there is no longer a USPS option, both domestically and internationally. Traditionally, first class and Priority mail were our lower cost shipping option , especially for our international customers. The reason that we are no longer offering this shipping option is that the reliability of USPS has deteriorated markedly since the pandemic began. International orders that once took 2-3 weeks have been taking 2-3 months, which is unacceptable given that we are selling seasonal gear. We made the determination that the money saved is not worth the uncertainty and headaches that come along with shipping via the postal service. 

Currently, we are shipping exclusively with Fedex , both domestically and internationally. The pricing is reasonable and the service has been fast and reliable. While Fedex does cost more, we feel that the reliability in such an uncertain time in the world is well worth the extra cost.

We are also including full insurance on all shipments, which raises the cost of shipping by a few dollars. Without insurance, if your package were to get lost or stolen, there would be nothing that we could do for you in terms of replacement gear. Given the uncertainty in the world currently, we feel that this is a necessary precaution to take. 

As it is with most aspects of our lives during this crazy time in the world, our shipping policy is subject to change without notice; we will do our best to communicate with our customers regarding any changes. Shipping delays are  possible and are out of our control. Please be patient, and know that we will make it right if something gets lost in transit. 


International Customers -

For the reasons stated above, we are only offering Fedex International Economy. It is a more expensive but more reliable and efficient service. We will not send items via the postal service, as they are taking months to arrive due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

International customers are responsible for their own duties and taxes spelled out by your national government. We cannot pay them for you. Import taxes and duties are a very complicated subject and vary wildly between different countries. Taxes are no fun, but it is something that we have no control over, so please don't blame us for them. 

You will be billed for your duties and taxes by Fedex, separately from your shipment. 


Phantom Shipping Policy : 

In stock items will generally ship within 7-10 business days, unless otherwise specified on the product page. The price of shipping is calculated at checkout, and is added to the price of your order. International customers are responsible for all customs fees, taxes and duties, which are not included in the shipping price, unless otherwise specified. All orders include insurance for the full value of the shipment. 

Phantom always tries to do our best to offer fast and affordable shipping to our customers. With the onset of COVID-19 , and all of the difficulties that has created in the business environment, please keep in mind that shipping delays are possible.