Rain Felkl

Rain Felkl is an Alaska Native who now resides in the Wasatch Mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah. After making the move, Rain was quickly absorbed into the freedom and adventure of human-powered splitboarding. She currently working for Backcountry.com as a part of the Brand Marketing team. This position gives Rain the chance to work closely with the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance, Utah Avalanche Center, and Wasatch Splitters through various educational and community events. Keep an eye out for her splitboarding events this year in Utah!
When she isn’t riding powder, Rain is a big rock climber, which has naturally led her eye towards bigger splitboard mountaineering objectives. She quickly realized there was a performance ceiling with the current splitboard boot/binding systems, which sparked initiative to explore a more efficient system, leading her to Phantom splitboard bindings. Phantoms are the superior choice, not only for these goals, but even the simple and frequent dawn patrol missions in her backyard. Being on the front edge of technology with these new systems will lead further exploration of the Wasatch Mountains, as well as Rains hometown mountains of Juneau, Alaska.