Izzy Lazarus

Izzy grew up in the heart of NYC, but it wasn’t long after she moved to Vermont for college, that Izzy fell in love with the mountains and left the hustle and bustle of the city behind. She embarked on all kinds of mountain adventures from hiking and ice climbing, to snowboarding and then splitboarding. Her years spent in the northeast were foundational for developing herself as a climber, rider and instructor. After college, Izzy’s road led west to Colorado where she began to chase the snow and ice in the bigger mountains. Splitboarding quickly became the focal point of her winter and spring adventures, and has led her to some pretty astonishing places.
In 2015, Izzy began her AMGA education, in order to work towards her full IFMGA certification. Izzy is currently an Aspirant Rock Guide and Apprentice Alpine and Snowboard Guide. She has spent the last several years guiding and teaching rock climbing, mountaineering and backcountry snowboarding in Colorado, California, Utah, Washington and Wyoming, as well as in Peru and Ecuador. Calling her a world traveler may be an understatement!
Izzy now calls Jackson, WY home, where she guides for Jackson Hole Mountain Guides full time. She also teaches Split 101 courses , as well as womens specific courses . She is stoked on the access to the endless powder days and technical lines that the Tetons have to offer. Izzy’s true passion to educate and spread the stoke on riding and climbing in the mountains safely, efficiently and with a good attitude. It’s that kind of selfless attitude that makes Izzy such a wonderful addition to our little family here at Phantom.

Favorite Board: Weston Rise Split
Favorite Line : Fallopian Tube, Mount Woodring
Favorite Fruit : Pineapple
Favorite Quote: Let the beauty you love be what you do.

Izzy is also supported by Weston Snowboards, a Colorado board manufacturer .

Izzy also works with the following guide services.