Davide Capozzi

Davide Capozzi is an Italian freerider with numerous first descents to his name. He resides in the Aosta Valley in Italy. His snow sliding career began on skis at the age of 6, making the transition to snowboarding at 18. After a brief stint as a snowboarding instructor, he took a trip to Alaska in 2002 and immediately became hooked on big mountain riding. When he returned from Alaska, he set his sights on bigger objectives in his home ranges. He began touring around Mont Blanc , riding steep lines and expanding his mountaineering knowledge. In 2006, he made his first big descents of Sperone Della Brenva and Gervasutti at Tacul….After that, he was hooked.
Today, Davide is one of the boldest splitboard mountaineers in the world. He’s been climbing and riding the biggest lines out there for the last 15 years. He made the switch to split tech in order to get the best performance possible out of his equipment. It's also a matter of safety; when riding in no-fall terrain , Davide knows he needs to trust his gear 100%. He knows he can trust Phantom hardware to perform at the highest level. You can find Davide scouting out new lines , usually far from the beaten path.
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Some of his 1st Descents include:
Mont Blanc Range
  • Col du Plan, 3475 mt Couloir N

  • Col du Pèlerins, 3318 mt Couloir SW

  • Col du Peigne, 3121 mt Couloir SW

  • Aiguille des Pélerins, 3318 mt Voie Normale

  • Deux Aigles, 3450 mt Brèche NW

  • Monte Bianco, Brèche N des Dames Anglaises, 3491 mt couloir NE

  • Aiguille Blanche de Peuterey, 4112 mt Parete est

  • Petit Mont Blanc, 3424 mt Face ENE

  • Aiguilles du Brouillard, 3350 mt Couloir SW

  • Col du Brouillard, 3281 mt Voie du 1894

  • Aiguilles du Brouillard (P.ta Saviotti) 3400 mt Couloir SW

  • Monte Bianco, 4810 mt Parete ovest, Via De Benedetti

Pennines Alps Switzerland
  • Aiguilles Rouges du Dolent, P.ta Kurz, 3680 mt Face E

  • Matterhorn, Zmutt ridge, Couloir W

  • Aiguille Rochefort,4001 mt Couloir S

  • Mont Rochefort, 3456 mt Couloir SW

  • Mont Rochefort, 3456 mt Face SW

  • Dent de Jetoula,3306 mt cresta SE

Gran Paradiso Range
  • Grivola, 3969 mt Face NNW 

  • Grivola, 3969 mt Face NE

  • Grivola, 3969 mt Face SE

  • Becca du Nona, 3142 mt Face N

  • Tète de Valnontey, 3562 mt Face NE

Pennines Alps (Switzerland)
  • Aiguilles Rouges du Dolent, P.ta Kurz, 3680 mt Face E
  • Matterhorn, Zmutt ridge, Couloir W