Sarah Chesebrough

Sarah grew up in New England and started skiing at the age of three. She quickly excelled, and has been riding down mountains ever since. She began snowboarding at 12, and mastered the groomers and icy terrain of her home resorts. Sarah attended college in New York City and, after graduating, landed a job working for the Goldman Sachs Foundation. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, she quit her job and took a chance, moving to Crested Butte, Colorado, to pursue her love of snow. Upon arrival, she quickly took up backcountry snowboarding , and has not looked back!
After getting settled in Crested Butte, she realized rather quickly that people hike up mountains to ski down them, and she knew she had found her tribe. She completed AIARE I and II, got herself a setup, bought a snowmobile, and began exploring every mountain she could access in the Rockies. She is a fixture in the backcountry scene around Crested Butte, riding big lines and tons of powder in her local paradise.
Sarah is also an avid traveller, having explored much of Europe, Central America, even traveling as far as China and Australia. She recently took the trip of her lifetime to Patagonia, eating, drinking, mountaineering, exploring and splitboarding for 6 weeks during the summer of 2019. Sarah experienced some of the most picturesque skiing of her life, and had amazing ride after amazing ride thanks to her Phantom setup. In her own words: “Phantom Bindings make every tour easier and more enjoyable. I will never go back to the traditional splitboard set up.”
When she is not skiing or snowboarding, Sarah enjoys everything that involves being outdoors including mountain biking, trail running, climbing, dirt biking, and snowmobiling. She has been involved in the culinary world since her arrival to Crested Butte and also helps run an aspen shuttle during the summers.