Phantom Slipper Tech


The Phantom Slipper SplitTech Boot represents years of development, testing and refinement. Over the years, we have spent countless hours trying to develop what we think is the perfect Splitboarding boot. The goal was to create a boot that combines the touring benefits of a lightweight, tech boot with the soft, playful ride of a traditional snowboard boot.




Memoryfit Shell : The shell of Slipper is designed to be heat molded, in order to customize the fit of the boot to the individual riders feet. This means that no matter your foot shape, you will get a comfy, cozy fit, just like your favorite pair of slippers. 


Platinum Light Liner : The Slipper features the Platinum Light liner, a premium lightweight touring liner that brings warmth and comfort for your feet. Gone are the days of needing to upgrade your liners immediately for a comfortable fit. The Platinum Light liner is also washable, so no smelly boots either! 


Pivot Buckle : Phantom discovered the benefit of the instep buckle years ago when we were first starting to modify the Dynafit TLT6. An instep buckle provides better heel hold, which translates to a better ride feel and better performance, both when touring and riding.


Link Lever : The Slipper includes our wildly popular, patented, dual suspension walk mode mechanism , the Link Lever. The Link Lever allows the rider to customize the flex of the boot through 3 different rate suspension springs, each with 1/2" of travel, while also providing heelside dampening through a urethane shock with 1/8" of travel.  The Link Lever also allows the rider to customize the forward flex, from 6 to 26 degrees, to suit the riders style.


Automatic Crampon Compatible : The Slipper features both toe and heel welts, meaning that they are compatible with automatic crampons. Automatic crampons offer the most secure fit , which is comforting when you are climbing steep, no fall snow lines. 


Tech Toe Compatible: And of course, these boots are made for tech toe pieces.



Size Spec : A key to movement while riding is the upper cuff. For the sizes 26 & 27 (right boot above), the upper cuff has less overlap. For the sizes 28 & 29 (left boot above), the upper cuff has slightly thicker front flaps and more overlap. The reason for this is to try keep the ride feel comparable between the two sizes; the larger the boot size, generally the taller the person, which means a longer lever, which means that a slightly stiffer upper cuff should give a similar ride feel to the smaller size. 

Boot Comparison : The Slipper incorporates Atomic Backland components but is uniquely configured for splitboarding. In addition to utilizing the components from the Atomic Backland, Phantom provides our own custom engineered pieces to assemble the boots into a true splitboarding specific tech boot. The result is a boot unlike anything that has ever existed in the past ; lightweight, flexible and customizable to the individual riders preference. 



Sizing Chart

The Phantom Slipper currently is only sold on our web store. We have a few DEMO CENTERS where you can try them on, and take them out for a demo day , but a lot of you will be buying them directly from us. We provide a sizing guide and resources above but Phantom highly recommends getting in touch with your local boot fitter for sizing advice. A huge part of the value of this boot is the fact that it can be fit to the exact shape of your foot. A skilled boot fitter is going to be the key to unlocking this potential.

As we all know, having footwear that fits properly is the key to having a great day out, whether its splitboarding, hiking or biking. Happy feet make for a happy rider! Spending $50 with your local shop to get the fit dialed is a no brainer. It's important to support your local shop in these challenging times as well. 

These boots will last you a long time, so invest a bit of money and time into maximizing the comfort of your Slippers !


Return Policy : Boots can be returned or exchanged so long as they are unmolded and unused. If the shells or liners have been heat molded, we are unable to accept returns. All returns are subject to a 10% restocking fee.  If you need to make a return, please contact to get a return authorization number. The customer will be responsible for all shipping costs associated with returned or exchanges. Exchanges will be dependent on having available inventory; in the event that we don't have the desired size, we can issue a refund or a credit for when they come back into stock. 


Warranty Policy:  Phantom Snow Industries warrants its Boot products, specifically the Slipper Boot, and Link Lever, to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase. This warranty is offered to the original owner only, and is non- transferable. Any and all damage resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, impact , modifications and normal wear and tear are not covered under this warranty. 

In the event of a warranty claim, please email us at and we will advise you how to proceed. If the warranty claim is shown to be valid, Phantom Snow Industries will replace the damaged product with an identical product. In the event that the damaged product is no longer in production, Phantom Snow Industries will replace with the damaged product with a product of comparable value and performance. 

Phantom Snow Industries proudly stands behind the products that we sell. We want to give you the best possible experience, so if you have an issue, please get in touch with us and we will work together to find a solution.