Zak Mills

Zak Mills is another long time Phantom rider and family member. He lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, where he guides backpacking and rock climbing trips in the summer for Sierra Mountain Guides and snowboards full time during the winter and spring. Zak has spent plenty of time exploring the massive Sierra range. He’s also spent 5 spring seasons all across the state of Alaska and a bit in British Columbia mostly doing plane assisted base camps in the mountains and touring from the highways.
In spring of 2018, Zak was lucky enough to travel to Pakistan to ride a peak called the Biacherahi North tower. It is an absolutely massive tower that looks like something out of a free rider’s dream. Steep, aesthetic and remote! A film documenting the trip can be found here Zabardast . We love the sense of adventure that Zak brings to the tables. Splitboarding all around the world gives you a unique perspective on the sport and life in general, and Zak certainly is a living example of that phenomenon. In addition to being a top tier split boarder and mountaineer, Zak is a very talented filmmaker.
Zak also rides for Jones Snowboards and Ridge Merino
Zak’s Guides for. Sierra Mountain Guides
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