Behind Phantom

The core of Phantom is made up of a group of passionate splitboarders and outdoor enthusiasts. This same passion and love for the sport is held by our customers.  Phantom exists in order to continuously improve upon the experience of the sport that we all love...Splitboarding! 




John Keffler - Founder & Owner / CEO / Designer

John is a full-time aerospace engineer and a part-time splitboard binding and boot developer. With a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering and a specialization in heat transfer and fluid mechanics, John works for NASA's Orion program engineering a spacecraft designed to explore deep space. What started out as an idea and a dream that came to fruition in the garage, has now turned into a rapidly growing company with riders all over the world. John is stoked to see the dream catching on! 




 Alex Gelb - Owner / COO  

 Alex is a long time customer turned partner in Phantom . He’s been splitboarding since 2012 and quickly realized that season that his soft boot set up wasn’t going to perform the way he wanted. Alex started reading about hard boot bindings and took the plunge with a set of Phantoms the following year, never looking back. Having ridden on several iterations of the bindings as a customer gives him a unique perspective on the business and the products. He helped John test various products over the years, and the two became friends and riding partners.  Alex has been a relentless advocate of the split tech system for many years, as his friends will confirm. He spends most of his free time riding around Summit County, specifically the Gore and 10mile Ranges. He has a background in finance and will be handling the day to day operations of the company, including customer service and sales. In addition to his role at Phantom, Alex volunteers with Summit County Rescue Group, an all volunteer search and rescue organization. 






Jason Goldstein - General Manager / Warranty Specialist

Jason is a longtime Splitboarder & Phantom customer. After realizing his soft-boot set up wasn't cutting it, Jason researched hard booting through online forums and discovered Phantom Bindings. Shortly after placing his order for our Phantom Bindings, he was drilling holes into & modding his brand new Ski Boots (before we released our first Phantom Slipper). Jason handles day-to-day operations at the shop; order fulfillment, shipping, warranties as well as customer service. He regularly goes above & beyond for our customers. When Jason isn't fulfilling your orders, or answering your emails - he's out on the skin track or riding his bike.













All of our Products are hand built in our Shop in Denver, CO. USA by the 4 of us.



We are incredibly grateful to the following people and their contributions to Phantom over the years:

Jason Bushey   -   Barrows Worm De Geldern

Ryan Koupal   -   Zach Wilson

Buell Steelman   -   Mark Hartley

Ruedi Beglinger    -   Robin Fish