Tech Bindings

Phantom's SplitTech System combines the best tech-style touring equipment with a patented splitboard binding and interface. The result? Bindings that are lightweight, efficient, and more failure resistant than any other bindings on the market, and yet ride and feel like a traditional softboot setup. Bindings that perform as well in deep powder conditions as they do during the spring snowboard mountaineering season are what you get when a full-time aerospace engineer sets out to redesign his own splitboard bindings from the deck up.


Here's what makes the SplitTech System revolutionary.



Built from aerospace grade aluminum alloys.

Phantoms are built from one of the strongest aluminum alloys available. No straps, no buckles. We only use plastic when absolutely necessary - such as in key wear locations or for the cants for our bail blocks.


Weight was at the forefront of our minds when designing the Phantom setup. When in tour mode, the bindings are stashed in your pack but with an average total weight of only 900 grams, you'll hardly notice they're there.

Engineered from the deck up.

In the past, those who wanted to ride in plastic shell boots had to compromise on the "surfiness" of the feel due to existing bindings being so high off of the board. Our binding design puts the boot sole as low to the board as possible and allows for flex in the medial and lateral direction while providing stiffness in the toe to heel direction. The forces generated by the rider are thus transmitted directly to top of the board, providing a high degree of edge control and response while retaining a surfy feel.

Board cleats and locking pins provide a solid board feel.

The bindings rotate into position around overlapping board cleats and are locked into place by dual redundant locking pins, actuated with spring loaded levers. This literally locks the two splitboard halves together. The boot rests directly on top of the levers when riding, thereby preventing the binding from coming unlocked from the board.


Bindings feature self-clearing connection points and self-righting heel bails.

Snow packed under the board cleats is cleared as the bindings rotate into position. The locking pins also pierce through snow and ice, seating themselves into position. All of our bindings feature self righting heel bails, which makes stepping into the bindings even easier.


Easy stance adjustments.

Our Split  and 3-In-One Board Cleats are easy to mount and are adjustable to allow for +30 to -30 degree stance angles. Stance widths are also adjustable in 1/2" increments. With our new fixed angle Solo Cleats , we have reduced the cleat part count by 35% and cut the cleat weight in half.



6-lobe stainless steel hardware.

We don't skimp on any of our materials and that includes hardware. Phantom products are sold with 6-lobe stainless steel mounting hardware for strip-free assembly and adjustments. Our fixed angle Solo Cleats take this to the next level featuring titanium hardware.

A secure, quick and repeatable fit.

The M6 bindings are available in two sizes, Small/Medium, and Large/Extra Large, in order to fit boots Mondo size 23-32. As a "bail" style binding, you simply back the heel lug of your boot into the rear bail, then clamp the front bail down over the toe lug. No ratcheting and a secure, quick and repeatable fit every time.