Gaiter Replacement Terms and Conditions

Phantom Gaiter Replacement Terms and Conditions 

Please read through these terms and conditions carefully - By placing an order for a Gaiter Replacement , you are agreeing to these terms in full. 

  1. Phantom is now offering full height gaiter swaps for the Slipper, Slipper HD and 1st generation Atomic Backland models (non BOA models) . The cost for this service is $180 and includes door to door to door shipping costs. 

  2. This service will be offered from July 6th, 2023 until September 8th, 2023 . No boots will be accepted for service after this date. 

  3. This service is only available to US based customers due to shipping costs. Customers in AK/HI will be billed for additional shipping costs on a case by case basis. 

  4. This service includes Fedex Ground shipping both to and from Phantom , fully insured. Fully insured means that if the package is lost , Phantom will replace your boots at no cost. Please note that insurance does not cover theft or damage due to improper packaging.  Packaging the boots for shipping is the customers responsibility - Phantom takes no responsibility for damaged boots due to improper packaging. 

  5. Customers must remove liners and thoroughly clean boots prior to shipping them to Phantom. If boots arrive with liners or caked in mud, dirt etc , your boots will be returned to you as is, and no refund will be given. 

  6. When boots are shipped , it is the customers responsibility to contact Phantom at and notify us of your boots being shipped. This is so we can track your boots while they are in transit. 

  7. Phantom will remove the existing gaiter and replace it with the full height gaiter from the Slipper HD model . 

  8. Turnaround time is 6 weeks from the date that Phantom receives your boots, as the gaiter swap is a multi day process. Please do not ask us about the status of your boots - any emails asking will be ignored. Trust that we are working diligently to get your boots finished as quickly as possible . 

  9. Please note that this is an aftermarket repair - it will not be as aesthetic as a brand new boot. Functionality is our goal , not form. 

  10. In the event that damaged or defective parts , such as a broken pivot bushing, are found during the disassembly or reassembly process, Phantom will replace said part and invoice you for the cost of the part listed on our website. This is a matter of safety, and non-negotiable. 
  11. Phantom will warranty the gaiter swap for 1 year from the date that boots are returned to the customer. Please note that this warranty  DOES NOT cover wear and tear on your boots. The warranty ONLY applies to the glue we use to adhere the gaiter to your boots. If the glue fails, we will repair your boots at no cost to you. 

  12. Phantom will notify customers via email and provide tracking when their boots are shipped back to them. If a customer's shipping address changes from when your order was placed,  the customer must provide the correct, updated shipping address to us. If this is not provided and the package is lost, Phantom accepts no liability for shipping the boots to the wrong address and the customer will be responsible for replacing their own boots.