Setup Instructions - Tour


The Spark x Phantom Tech Toes / Phantom GT Tech Toes mount directly to the factory touring bracket inserts in your board, and are easy to switch from board to board if you have multiple splits in your quiver.

  • Insert the forward-most, single screw and tighten down just enough so that the adapter will slide on (you want the screw tight enough that it requires some force to slide it on, but don't make it so tight that you have to force it on). This will take a bit of adjusting to get it just right. 
  • Put the toe in the open position and slide on. The countersunk slot on the adapter, as seen in FIGURE 1, is what the screw will slide into.
  • Finally, line up the other two countersunk holes with the corresponding inserts and secure with the other 2 screws as in FIGURE 2.
FIGURE 1. Single screw in position with toes open and ready to slide on.

FIGURE 2. Properly mounted toe.


Phantom Rocket Risers mount directly to the factory heel riser inserts in your board.

  • With your boot locked in to the toe, lower the heel to determine correct riser positioning.
  • When in the upright position, you want the climbing wires to land somewhere in the middle of the heel as in FIGURE 3.
  • Some boots have a tread pattern where, if the risers are positioned either a little too far forward or a little too far back, the climbing wires may actually get stuck in the tread "voids."  Try to make sure both wires land on a solid part of the sole. If they sit in between the lugs, its possible to bend your climbing wires. This will take a bit of adjustment to get it right. 


FIGURE 3. Climbing wires should land in the middle of the heel.

FIGURE 4. Soft lockdown option.

  • As always, use non-permanent blue Loctite (included in the tool kit) on the screws to prevent unwanted loosening!
  • The rails on our Rocket Risers are slotted to allow for a "soft lockdown" using a 20-inch Phantom ski strap as illustrated in FIGURE 4. This feature is really intended for sidehilling only, not for downhill skiing as it is not rated to release and may lead to knee or other injuries.